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Wash, Cut and Blow-Dry

At the salon experts can advise on all different lengths and styles. If the customer is looking for a short cropped style, a one layered bob or long locks with volume our cutting expert team will be able to offer a style to suit lifestyle and face shape.

With a friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices, the salon has become a highly trusted salon with an impeccable reputation.

The success of the salon proves that the clients receive a quality hairstyle, without going broke.

Whether interested in something classic or trendy, short or long, maybe even a new colour, or just want to look fabulous for that special occasion, it is the place.

Adding long layers to a cut can help add volume and texture, creating bounce and style.

Sometimes deciding on a mid-length hair cut can be difficult, speak to hair stylists, to achieve a look that’s right. It might be a side fringe the experts can help choose a look which will maximize the texture and hair type.

Salon recommends a visit every 4-6 weeks to keep the hair looking healthy, this will also ensure the style remains longer.

The first reason of washing hair before cutting is cleanliness. The experts can’t do a good job cutting through product, hairspray, oil etc.

Next, the experts give a better haircut if the hair is wet. The hair lines are seen better; it’s much easier to block it off.

Cutting with hot scissors is a modern curative procedure for hair, a way of taking care of their beauty and health, as well as the ability to get rid of split ends.

Unlike traditional scissors, which open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness, the heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage.

This keeps the cut looking fresh for weeks, but it won’t cure split ends for good, the client still have to be consistent with regular haircuts.

All types of hair should be regularly trimmed to keep it looking its best. Short styles should be trimmed more frequently because growth is more noticeable.

Generally, short hair should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Longer hair styles can be trimmed every 8-10 weeks, though long locks may develop split ends or other damage that could require more frequent trimming.

From long layered trims to recreating the icon Bob, the professional stylists will provide in depth consultations through facial structure to the daily lifestyle.