Dynamic styling in influencing you to look best & feel surprisingly better.

Wash and Blow Dry

Come in and let the experts give the ultimate blow dry experience. Professionals will shampoo and blow dry the hair, in a style of the client’s choice and that suits the hair and personality.

All services are available for most hair types. The stylists are available to perform styling services and wash and blow-drys that work according to the guest needs and personal attitude.

Hair styling varies. In some cases hair is washed and blown dry so that it is straight or a little wavy. This is called a blow dry.

Sometimes the experts offers shampoo sets, usually for older clientele. This service includes a wash before setting the hair in rollers, drying under a dryer and combing out the hair.

The professionals wash & blow dry service, is performed with care and passion by the team. Each stylist is trained to work with every hair type, from fine to extremely unruly, curly, and long.

In the pursuit of silky, swingy, frizz-free hair, there is a dizzying number of tempting in-salon hair-wash treatments to choose from the cosmetic chemists and professional hairstylists on what works (and what’s safe).

The quality blow dry is one of the little luxuries after an absolutely necessary colour, wash or cut.

The salon blow-dry leaves the customer looking and feeling the best, the perfect treat for a night out, lunch with the girls or even just feeling that bit special on someday.

Taking time out of busy days can sometimes be a real challenge, particularly for those of who are parents; it is often the small moment of luxury and me-time that everyone needs to get a new perspective on life.

Feel like new! With heat-protecting products to make the hair feel soft and lush, great lotions to give a big bouncy look and grabbing those minutes to just sit and chill out.

The salon’s blow dry can make feel like new, no matter what day has brought. It gives that fresh, pulled together look that everyone is aiming for- no matter what else has gone on in that day.