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Threading is an alternative to full-face waxing, excusing the eyebrows. At the spa and salon, threading full face includes threading eyebrows, forehead, upper lip, cheeks, jawline, chin, nose and lower lip.

Threading full face is a service that’s completely taken care of with expert aestheticians pulling out the unwanted hair in the required area. In the end; leaving with hair-free, smooth and soft plump skin.

Full face threading is one of the most requested services. It removes unsightly facial hair which is often difficult to see at home. Over time facial hair becomes much finer by threading.

Since a full face threading procedure is more time consuming than other threading services appointments are highly recommended. Our practitioners go over the entire face “twice” to ensure no hair is left behind.

Start everyday more confident than ever before with a smooth, soft and hairless fresh face.

The areas included within a full face threading procedure are eyebrows, forehead, sides, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lip as well as chin.

The full face threading procedure begins at the hair line on the forehead and ends along the jaw bone.

Full neck threading procedure removes coarse and straggly hair which often appears under the jaw line and along the neck.

This procedure begins at the jaw line and ends at the collar bone threading any and all hair within the area. Removing unsightly hair from the neck creates a smooth more youthful appearance.

Depending on hair type and area of the face, full re-growth can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Hair will start to grow back sparse and finer after repeated threading because hair is pulled out at the root, which gets weakened through this process.

Benefits of Threading

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Long Lasting
  • Painless
  • Effective
  • Safe and Suitable for all Skin Types.