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Roots Colouring

Either colour hair in a salon or at home, the person is not going to get roots—and touching them up shouldn’t involve re-colouring all hair, for several reasons.

Roots are a different shade than the rest of hair. Everyone wants it all to match, but since the base color for roots isn’t the same as the already-colored part of hair, they won’t match.

Re-colouring the whole head is the number one mistake women colouring their hair at home make. Colour on the top of colour also dulls and flattens the look and texture of hair.

If blonde, re-coloring too often causes breakage. Just fix the roots and leave the rest as long as one can.

Cover grays in a flash with the favorite root touch up products available in both permanent and temporary options.

It’s no secret that a graying hairline or visible root regrowth can be extremely annoying and not-to-mention, embarrassing between hair colour appointments.

Professionals at the salon love the way hair colour boosts the looks and confidence. But grow-outs on the hair grow and the colour fades, making the roots simply become more and more noticeable.

The salon actually had clients asked many times to leave roots when colouring their hair. Mostly dark roots can look cool, but gray roots not so much.

Depending on the colour chosen, there may be more specific requirements. Based on years of professional experience, specialists put together a guide and timeline for maintaining three of the most commonly requested hair colors.

Pay attention to these, and keep your mane looking great for as long as possible.


It’s a semi-permanent hair colour that is applied one-time in between colour appointments.

It’s mixed by the stylist and offers just enough application for roots.

It’s just another option to have if obsessed with maintaining the root regrowth. Root Fusion is a great option for those who might be traveling, have budget constraints, or simply have a hectic schedule.

One way to spend less time in the salon chair is to make sure treating the dyed hair with love. Colour can fade away all too quickly if one is rough on hair or use products that strip color from strands.

When hair gets that all-too-familiar dullness a few months after a colour job, try a gloss to help make it to the next appointment, shiny hair intact.

Walking out of the salon rocking a new colour is one of the best feelings in the world.