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Laser Under-arms Treatment

The hassle of constant shaving of underarm hair is a common annoyance for women of all ages. Though it’s tempting to throw out the razor and do away with the hassle altogether, many women still persist. Having smooth underarms not only looks great, but it makes it easier to apply deodorant and feel fresh.

At the salon, underarm laser hair removal is one of the most common laser hair removal procedures performed. Underarm laser hair removal does away with the underarm shave, whilst still being able to have smooth and hair-free underarms.

It is a relativity straight forward procedure due to the small surface area of the underarm. A session can take as little as 10 minutes, though multiple sessions may be required to ensure that all new hair growth has been eliminated.

Laser hair removal in the underarm area is very safe if done by a highly skilled, experienced doctor. Each laser light pulse removes the unwanted hair from the underarm region. The laser targets the hairs which are just growing.

Hair growth may have cycles, so multiple hair removal sessions may be needed to remove all underarm hair permanently.

Laser hair removal for underarms is quick. Since the armpits are a comparatively smaller area, removal of underarm hair using laser is one of the fastest procedures. The procedures requires only several minutes of treatment.

The salon uses international best practice equipment for laser hair removal. The state of the art procedure ensures to provide a safe and quality service to all the clients, whatever their needs, hair colour or skin tones.

Many salons use a single machine to provide a variety of services – despite the fact that different lasers should be used for different purposes and skin types.

At the salon, the owner has invested in the right lasers for every skin and hair type.

Experts go the extra mile. Every treatment begins with a free consultation and ends with satisfaction guaranteed.