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Laser Belly Treatment

Belly hair can come in different types – from a light smattering in a thin line, to thick and coarse across the entire stomach. Most people have hair on their stomachs, but female snail trails are also very common.

Fortunately, getting rid of stomach hair is now very easy. The laser treatments are fast and after a number of sessions, bid belly hair goodbye! And as a bonus, ingrown hairs will naturally heal after the first session, never to be seen again!

To remove belly hair client will need a few appointments, the number of which will depend on hair type. The treatments are repeated about every six weeks until the hair stops growing. And then just need one or two touch up appointments annually.

The salon uses the latest techniques in laser hair removal to eliminate the hair on stomach area.

It is surprising how the treatment of a small area such as a snail trail on both men and women can actually hurt. But if opt to book treatments with the salon, the sessions will be almost painless as the lasers have Dynamic Cooling.

The salon is recognised as the best in the industry. Whether want to remove hair from belly, body, bikini line or face, contact the salon now and say goodbye to unwanted and ingrown hair, waxing and shaving!