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Laser Back Treatment

A back with excessive hair can be a major source of embarrassment for many people. Laser hair removal of the back is often the best answer for this difficult-to-reach area of the body.

Instead of asking someone else to shave the area, for instance, laser hair removal treatments can remove back hair in a series of appointments.

Each single treatment lasts approximately one hour, and treatment will be complete after five to eight sessions.

Another problem is that back hair is hard to get rid of using the normal hair removal methods: shaving and waxing. No matter how hair-less, it’s not worth pulling out back trying to apply hot wax! And forget going to the beauty salon every six weeks.

The best way to get rid of back hair is permanently and harmlessly. But is there such a way?

Yes, of course there is! Everyone has heard about laser hair removal: the permanent and safe way to get rid of pesky back hair, forever. Pools, beaches and glamorous balls—can you hear the new ‘you’ calling out?

Laser hair removal for the back works by focusing laser light on the desired back hair to be removed. The laser is set at a specific wavelength and targets the pigment in back hair, whilst avoiding the pigment in skin.

The laser travels down to the hair root, destroying the hair and preventing further hair regrowth.

Laser hair removal is completely safe when undertaken by a professional using high quality laser equipment.