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Half Head High Light

A partial or half hair high light and low light is literally a service that applies highlights or lowlights to only part of head.

Highlights or Lowlight are placed, typically, in only the mohawk section of  head, the stylists will ask for customers to consider a partial highlight to be the top ​half, or the top and side sections of  head.

It’s up-to the clients to choose or the stylist will recommend, based on the look, going for if a partial highlight or lowlight is the service one is looking for.

Partial highlights or lowlights can be very natural looking and are designed to lighten the hair in a similar manner to the way the sun would lighten your hair, although a partial highlight service can be dramatic and bold as well by only placing a few, heavy highlights in one specific area of your hair.

Partial highlights or lowlights are typically less expensive than a full highlight service.

When trying to pick a right  service, don’t worry if don’t get it just right. When in doubt, shoot the hair stylist a message or a phone call to clarify any questions and for a little guidance.

Final highlighting or lowlighting decisions don’t have to be made when scheduling an appointment. The stylist are perfectly open to a full consultation with room to make adjustments on the day of appointment.

Always remember that picture speaks a thousand words. Showing the stylist ideas of highlights that customers like will help to determine if a full or partial highlight or lowlight is better for final results.