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Hair Perming

Perming services have come a long way in recent years with the big voluminous look of the 80’s a distant memory. Today sees a new generation of perming techniques with tousled waves and effortless soft beachy looks proving popular hairstyles.

One may even have had dreams about having bouncy, soft curls every day or having straight, frizz-free hair when wake up in the morning!

Considering getting a perm or a keratin in order to achieve these looks, which natural hair just won’t let do.

When getting a perm, the high temperatures and chemicals can cause breakage. That’s why most salons won’t perm lightened hair, because it’s already damaged from color treatments.

With the digital wave, the temperature is lower and the time each roller is left on is determined on a case by case basis.

And naturally wavy hair holds on to the shape for much longer. A perm is curly curl but this is more of a soft body wave.

Contemporary perms are utilized by those looking for more volume, bounce and life from their hair.

Experts at the salon have the ability to create the most stunning smooth curls for the valued clients, from tight curls to smooth waves, whatever look want to create; it can be achieved with the perming solutions.

Hot perm is when an acidic solution is applied to the hair before heating to break disulphide bonds in hair. This allows the hair to be molded into the desired shape/curl.

A cold perm on the other hand requires an alkaline solution containing ammonium thioglycolate to break the same disulphide bonds to change the protein structure of the hair.

A neutralizer solution is then applied afterwards to bring the pH back to normal and ‘re-bond’ the hair.

Hot perms require lower maintenance than cold perms to achieve the same level of curl. But won’t get the same lift at roots because of the condition that heat must be applied (and we don’t want to burn our scalp).

An alternative would be to get a root perm. A root perm is a perming technique where only the 2-4 inches of hair nearest the scalp is premed. This gives the appearance of greater volume for naturally flat hair.

To check suitability for a perm treatment, call into the hair salon for a free one to one consultation and can discuss the various hair perming options with the clients.