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Bridal Make-up

Providing stunning hair and long-lasting make-up looks for the entire bridal party, the beauticians helps to create the perfect wedding day look, whether it is a classic, glamorous, sophisticated, natural, romantic, boohoo or a vintage style.

Feeling good about oneself is the key to enjoying the wedding day, and knowing that the look on wedding day is the best definitely helps and boosts confidence.

Experts at the salon like to create a relaxed and happy environment for the clients to make the styling process fun and ensure the day runs smoothly.

The salon takes pride in achieving beautiful make-overs using only the best makeup and hair products. For a bride, makeup is a supreme feature of her beauty on her wedding day.

If her makeover is attractive and flawless, she looks elegant and become attention of all the guests on her wedding day.

It is the job of the professionals at the salon to help, design a look that it suits the client perfectly and the bride feels happy and confident with the result.

The salon has an incredibly friendly and dedicated team of experts who have specialized in bridal and special occasion makeup and hairstyling.

The beauticians’ only work with high end cosmetics using kits consists of brands, as well as traditional makeup application. And also offer air-brush makeup services.

Experts can help achieve all different looks and styles from the natural look through to full on glamorous, and everywhere in between. The professionals discuss the style and type of makeup the bride to-be would like.

The whole staff works as a team of highly skilled hair and makeup artists, to make that feeling a reality. The aim is to make the bride feel the version of her.

Be confident, feel beautiful and relax knowing that the experts will make the bride look incredible ALL DAY LONG!

Embracing a style and flair that is suits the person and the experts tailor hair and makeup look, taking into account every aspect of wedding day.

The salon believes makeup should enhance the natural beauty rather than mask it, it is so important to still feel natural, but a slightly more polished version.

It is utterly infectious when a bride loves what that the beauticians achieved and strived to give their level of service to each and every one of the brides.