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Body Waxing

Body hair is embarrassing, and waxing for hair removal is one of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted hair. women of all ages, ethnicity, and lifestyles can appreciate the great benefits of being hair free.

Get ready to feel confident and sexy with hair removal from the most experienced waxing therapists. Professionals at the salon have been waxing clients’ body parts for years, therefore offering an extensive body wax.

Basically any part of the body that need professionally waxed can and will be carried out with care, attention and lots of experience.

Also the body waxing world of late is welcoming more and more men who are coming forward to have their body hair excesses dealt with by professional waxing experts, so ladies and gents; everyone is welcome here and can choose the body waxing treatment needed.

Lots of women choose a body wax for holidays and special occasions. The more often the person wax, the less hair one will have over time.

It’s not just women who prefer a hairless body for themselves; even men are choosing to go hairless now.

It’s not just for models; full body wax is what more and more men want these days and there is no reason why they should not.

A team of experienced female waxing therapists specialize in providing quick & painless waxing, by using Luxury Hot Wax and other types of wax to leave the skin perfectly smooth & hair-free. The beauticians are waxing specialists.

The benefits of waxing include:

  • It is quick, easy and has long-lasting results.
  • For those with busy lifestyles, it is the ideal solution for keeping unwanted hair at bay.
  • When hair grows back after being waxed, it is softer and finer.
  • Clients are guaranteed a clean and smooth finish with every wax treatment.

After having waxing treatment, it is advisable to avoid the sun, deodorant, hot baths or showers, spas and saunas and chlorinated pools as skin may be easily irritated.

It is also important to keep the waxed area moisturized and hydrated, so ensure to use a good moisturizer or something simple and unscented, like baby oil.